Atlanta Water Line Repair

A broken water line in Atlanta is a serious problem that needs immediate professional attention. The Atlanta water line repair and replacement experts at Bynum & Sons Plumbing are standing by, ready to handle your water pipe repair or water pipe replacement today. Call Bynum & Sons for fast, professional water main repair and water main replacement by an experienced, licensed plumber.

Atlanta GA Water Main Repair

Your water main is buried underground and runs from the meter, usually located near the street, to your home. The water authority takes care of any broken or leaking water lines on the street side of the meter, but many Atlanta homeowners are surprised to find out that water line repair or water line replacement between the meter and their home is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Your water main can crack or break for various reasons. Galvanized pipe was commonly used in many homes years ago. Over time, galvanized pipe corrodes inside which restricts the flow of water to your home. Eventually, the water pipe begins leaking or bursts. Polybutylene water line was used for water service lines in millions of homes from the late 70’s to the early 90’s when it was discovered that chlorine causes the pipe to decay and burst.

Atlanta Water Line Plumbers

Copper, PVC and polyethylene are more durable water pipes for your plumbing services, but even these can break or spring a leak due to improper installation, freezing weather or ground settling. No matter what type of water main you have, the water service line experts at Bynum & Sons can repair or replace it quickly with minimal digging.

Bynum & Sons uses modern trenchless pipe installation techniques to install new water pipes. This cutting edge equipment can drill horizontally through your yard and under driveways and sidewalks allowing us to replace your water line with minimal digging.

Contact our Atlanta Water Line Repair Plumbers at Bynum & Sons Plumbing for high quality, fast water line repair or replacement services.


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