Berkeley Lake Septic Tank Pumping

If you are a home or business owner with a septic system, you should know that healthy septic tanks require pumping. Bynum & Sons Plumbing provides complete septic services, including septic tank pumping, to residents and businesses in the Berkeley Lake area.

Using camera technology, our skilled technicians can accurately measure the thickness of your septic tank’s wastewater. We will look for high sludge levels, scum buildup, and blocking of the inlet or outlet. Based on the condition of your tank, we may recommend a septic tank pumping. This is a vital step to ensure the longevity of your septic system.

As a family owned company, we are committed to providing courteous, dependable services that will result in healthy septic systems. If you are in the Berkeley Lake area and have concerns about your septic system, call Bynum & Sons today. Estimates are free!

Septic System Cleaning

When it comes to your septic work, you absolutely need a professional to handle your concerns in a safe and responsible way. Bynum & Sons proudly provides Berkeley Lake residents and businesses with complete septic system cleaning services. Our licensed technicians can remove septic waste in an environmentally friendly way, and help you establish a regular schedule for septic system cleaning.

As a customer, you should know that the decisions you make regarding your septic system will have an impact on the ground water as well as any economic plans you have for your home or business. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable and trustworthy septic expert with your system. Family owned since 1997, Bynum & Sons is fully equipped to handle any septic concerns that you may have, and to maintain the integrity of your system.

Septic Inspections

If you are a potential buyer of a home or commercial property, you should insist that the septic system be inspected. Not only will this enhance the value of the property, it will help avoid any liability issues that may result from a faulty system. Bynum & Sons thoroughly provides septic inspections to home and business owners in the Berkeley Lake area. During an inspection, our licensed technicians will check for evidence of erosion, previous overflow, sewage levels, and potential leakage.

As licensed technicians, you can trust that we are aware of certain septic system dangers, as waste can pose serious health hazards. If you are in the Berkeley Lake area and are looking for a septic expert that you can trust with your inspection, contact our office today.

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Vincent Ciccarello

Installers were great and very friendly. They appeared to know what they were doing, and I have had no problems with the Water Heater since the installation. They arrived well within the appointment window, and called before arriving. Prices for services were reasonable. I would have given them 5 Stars, but they never reinstalled the door they had removed to facilitate the installation. I must admit I was very surprised when I came home from work to see the door leaning up against a wall.

Asya White

I found Bynum and Sons through my local Home Depot store. I needed a water heater at the house I had just bought. Bynum and Sons did a great job. They bought my water heater from home depot and brought it to my house for me. The installer was nice, professional, and fast. They hauled away my old water heater so I didn't have to deal with that. I would definitely use them again for my future plumbing needs!!!! There price was also better than the other plumber I checked.

Isaac M

Anthony arrived within the allotted time window and did a great job replacing my kitchen faucet. He found an issue with the soap dispenser installation but he quickly resolved it. He went the extra mile, very much appreciated!

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