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Own A Restaurant? Don’t Forget About Grease Trap Cleaning

One of the most disruptive issues you can have in your restaurant is a clogged grease trap. This can cause a backup in your plumbing that results in embarrassing foul odors throughout your restaurant and the inevitable need to shut down your eatery until the problem is resolved. Not only could this ruin your restaurant’s reputation, but the loss in profits from a shutdown can be devastating. But here’s something else you should know about the crisis of a clogged commercial grease trap – it is completely preventable! Continue Reading

5 Reasons for Drain Field Issues

There are several working components of your septic system, but there are just a few main areas. Your septic system has pipes or drain lines that connect your home to the septic tank and your septic tank to your drain field. While you may be quick to blame your pipes or your tank for your septic disruptions, the culprit could actually be found in your drain field. Your drain field (or leach field) is where the wastewater from your tank is dispersed into the soil. Continue Reading

Have You Baby-Proofed Your Bathroom Plumbing?

We consider ourselves a family-friendly plumber who cares about the safety of young kids in your household. Keeping a watchful eye on young toddlers and babies is an important job. While you may be careful to put up safety gates at your stairs and plugs in your electrical sockets, there are also some things you can do in the bathroom to ensure your child avoids harm. In fact, the bathroom can pose serious dangers to a baby and toddler. Continue Reading

Lift Station Maintenance Prevents City Sewer Disasters

When it comes to the modern municipal sewer system, lift stations are a critical component. These units are responsible for pumping raw sewage from lower elevation land to higher land so that the sewage can end up at the city sewer plant where it belongs. Lift stations are designed to work smoothly and efficiently – as long as they are properly maintained. Without routine pumping and cleaning, the lift station can fail and cause disruptive sewage problems throughout the city or town. Continue Reading

Are you Adopting a Child in Georgia? Schedule A Septic Inspection

Congratulations on your pending adoption in Georgia. While your emotions and anticipation of a new child entering your family are running high, you are also facing a large volume of paperwork that needs to be completed before the adoption can be finalized. State officials will not only look into your ability to be an adoptive parent, but they will also make sure you have a good, safe place to raise a child. Part of this involves a public health inspection, and if you live on a septic tank, this means you’ll need a septic inspection letter. A septic inspection letter simply verifies that your septic tank is in good working order and is able to handle another person or occupant in your home. Continue Reading

Is A Tankless Water Heater Right for You?

Your hot water heater is an appliance that many of us take for granted. Until you run out of warm water in your morning shower or face a steep energy bill for your large business, you probably don’t think too much about the type, efficiency or condition of your hot water heater. Nonetheless, it plays a critical role in your plumbing convenience and few of us are willing to go without one. Continue Reading


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Vincent Ciccarello

Installers were great and very friendly. They appeared to know what they were doing, and I have had no problems with the Water Heater since the installation. They arrived well within the appointment window, and called before arriving. Prices for services were reasonable. I would have given them 5 Stars, but they never reinstalled the door they had removed to facilitate the installation. I must admit I was very surprised when I came home from work to see the door leaning up against a wall.

Asya White

I found Bynum and Sons through my local Home Depot store. I needed a water heater at the house I had just bought. Bynum and Sons did a great job. They bought my water heater from home depot and brought it to my house for me. The installer was nice, professional, and fast. They hauled away my old water heater so I didn't have to deal with that. I would definitely use them again for my future plumbing needs!!!! There price was also better than the other plumber I checked.

Isaac M

Anthony arrived within the allotted time window and did a great job replacing my kitchen faucet. He found an issue with the soap dispenser installation but he quickly resolved it. He went the extra mile, very much appreciated!

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