Sewer Line Camera Inspections

Bynum Septic Service uses the latest digital camera technology to provide camera inspections of septic systems for our clients. During these inspections, we use a fiber optic video camera that allows a thorough and efficient inspection of septic lines. This technology enables us to view areas that were previously unable to be viewed.

Camera inspections of septic systems can provide valuable information to homeowners. Following is a list of information that can be uncovered during a thorough septic inspection using a camera:

  • the condition of the inlets and outlets from the septic tank
  • the level of solids in the tank
  • whether or not effluent and water are flowing properly or you need a septic tank pumping
  • the existence of any deteriorations or cracks in the tank
  • the existence of cracks or crushing of flow that could restrict pipes
  • if there is any leakage from fractures or cracks in the tank or pipes
  • if there are tree roots intruding in on the pipes or tank
  • if there is deterioration anywhere in the system

Septic Line Camera Inspections

During a camera inspection as part of your septic tank inspection we will inspect the treatment tank by checking the inlet and outlet baffles. We will also check for cracks, waste levels, corrosion and leaks. We will inspect the waste lines to make sure they are discharging properly into authorized waste systems. We will inspect the conveyance system to make sure the distribution box level is correct, and inspect the pipes leading to the box to see if they are decaying or cracked. We will check the absorption field to monitor the system back ups and check the drainage levels. After our inspection is complete, we will provide you with a computerized inspection report outlining any concerns and/or needed repairs.

Camera inspections allow us to find the exact areas that need repairs quickly and efficiently. This saves our clients both valuable time and money. It also alleviates the need to dig up the whole septic system to find the problem. This can save both time and money.

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