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The Green Environment in Lilburn Georgia is an initiative of the Georgia Green Building Council, which was established to provide a cohesive voice for the citizens and business owners in the state of Georgia. It was founded upon the concept that Georgia residents value the environment and want to do what they can to protect it. The organization educates citizens and business owners on green building materials, energy efficient appliances and practices, and home and garden improvement and beautification. The ultimate goal of this non-profit organization is to provide a voice for those who care about the environment to advance the mission and vision of protecting Georgia’s beautiful natural resources. Green building facilitates cooperation among citizens, businesses and other organizations through the promotion of green building practices and ideas.

Georgia is a state known for its natural beauty. This beautiful area abounds in breathtaking landscapes, wildlife refuge, rolling hills, rivers and lakes. Taking all of these into consideration, the thought of sustainable development was necessary for the plan and implementation of the Green Environment in Lilburn Georgia project. This concept is supported by local and state government agencies that are dedicated to providing leadership in sustainability efforts in Georgia. A multi-stakeholder group consisting of stakeholders including local residents, business owners, non-profit organizations, schools, universities and county officials, participated in the formulation of the sustainable development plan.

The plan provides for a clean and protected environment through a variety of methods that incorporate energy efficiency, conservation, protection and recreation. These concepts will enable residents of Lilburn Ga to prosper and have a great lifestyle while being environmentally aware. Through the implementation of sustainable development, the citizens of Lilburn will be able to enjoy the natural resources of the area while also having access to high quality jobs and economic development. With the passage of time, the citizens of Lilburn will be able to live an environmental-friendly lifestyle that will leave a lasting impression upon future generations. Green environment in Lilburn Ga is a trend that is being adopted by many other municipalities throughout the state.”


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