Lift Station Pumping

An ideal sewage system relies on gravity to pull the wastewater away from the home or building and into the appropriate wastewater treatment facility. Unfortunately, gravity does not always help in this way. It is not uncommon to have a commercial property or home that is in a low-lying area. In such cases, the sewage system needs additional help to push the wastewater uphill to where it is supposed to go. The solution is a lift station.

A lift station is used to pump wastewater or sewage from a low level to a higher level when the gradient of the area does not allow for a natural flow. Lift stations have two primary elements: the wet well and the controls. The wet well acts as a basin to store sewage until it is ready to be discharged or pumped. The control panel is essentially the “brain” of the lift station, as it recognizes when the pit is full and signals the lift station to pump the wastewater to higher ground. When a lift station is not in place or not working properly, the consequences can be severe. Sewage can quickly backup into your home or business and case costly damages.

At Bynum & Sons Plumbing, we have trained technicians that can handle lift station pumping for your residential or commercial property. We are a family owned plumbing, sewer & septic services company that has served the Atlanta area since 1997. We promise affordable rates, superior workmanship and timely service.

Sewage Pumping Service

We understand the importance of proper maintenance for your lift station. If a lift station is not pumped on a routine basis, the wet well or basin can accumulate solids and grease. This can render the lift station ineffective or inefficient when it comes pumping sewage away from your home or business. Neglecting to pump your lift station in a timely manner can cause costly backups and preventable property damage.

The pumps, electronic controls, and electrical system of a lift station reside in a highly corrosive environment. Therefore, our technicians are trained to clean and pump the wet well to prevent solids and grease from accumulating. We will also inspect all components of your lift station to ensure they are in proper working order, including pumps, check valves, floats, electrical motor-control equipment and more.

Does your lift station need pumping? Contact the professionals of Bynum & Sons Plumbing. Our goal is to minimize and even eliminate the risk of sewage backing up into your home so that you can avoid serious repercussions.

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