Lilburn GA Clogged Drain Repair

From clogged sinks to collapsed sewer lines, Bynum & Sons Plumbing is Lilburn’s full service drain cleaning, plumbing, and septic company. We provide solutions for clogged and backed up drains no matter what the cause. Some companies only handle drain clearing, but backed up toilets and drains may be an indication of a problem with your sewer line or septic system.

If your sinks and toilets are all backed up, you may have a more serious problem with your main sewer line or your septic system. Roots from trees and shrubs can infiltrate sewer and septic lines and cause a serious clog. The problem could also be a collapsed sewer line or a backed up septic system.

Lilburn Drain Cleaning

Our professional plumbers have the equipment and experience necessary to identify the cause of the back up and to repair any problems with your system. We use high tech digital cameras to inspect the inside of your sewer and septic lines to find the source of the problem without unnecessary digging.

For tree roots and other clogs, our high pressure hydro-jetting equipment will blast away tree roots, sludge, paper, hair, and other debris leaving the inside of your sewer drain lines in almost new condition. For collapsed sewer lines and backed up septic systems, our plumbing professionals will explain your options and handle any necessary repairs.

Unclog Sink Drain Lilburn GA

We know that clogged drains can happen at the most inopportune time. We provide 24 hour emergency drain cleaning and plumbing services. Whenever a clogged drain emergency arises, you can count on us. Just call us and we will rush an experienced drain cleaning technician to your home or office. We are here when you need us the most.

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