Gwinnett County Septic Tank Inspections

Before you purchase a home, it is important to have the home’s septic system inspected by a licensed septic system professional. Bynum Septic Service has been completing thorough inspections of septic systems for clients in and around Atlanta since 1997. We will even work with your closing attorney for payment from escrow.

We recommend that the septic tank be pumped out at the time of the inspection. This will allow the technician to view the side walls and the bottom of the tank to check for cracks and/or structural damage.

During our septic tank inspections, we also do a thorough ground check. The area around the septic tank and the area of the drain field are checked for depressions in the soil. We also check for standing water or sewage. Standing water is a problem normally associated with “run back” which is where a drain field has become oversaturated.

Septic Inspection Letters

Another important component of a thorough septic tank inspection is checking the lid depth and condition. We will check the lid depth under the ground level of an existing septic tank. Lids that are below grade can result in additional fees for location and digging access. Georgia requires a riser to be in place if the top of the tank is twelve inches below natural grade. We will also check the lid for cracks or damage and to verify the seal to keep out roots, rocks and dirt. A lid in poor condition is a safety hazard and is in danger of collapsing.

Bynum Septic Service will verify the proper service openings on the lid to allow for proper maintenance and regularly scheduled pumping. We will also measure the top layer of floatables on the top of the tank. If the top layer of floatables becomes too thick this can be carried into the drain field and cause irreversible damage. We will measure the solids on the bottom of the septic tank as well. If solids are allowed to become too thick they can enter the drain field causing irreversible damage and requiring drain field repairs.

Our inspection includes checking the inlet and outlet baffle of the septic tank. Any missing or damaged baffles must be replaced for the septic system to function properly. We also remove and clean the existing baffle filter on the outlet side of the tank. Water flow from the home to the septic tank will be verified as improper flow may be an indication of a stoppage. Lastly, we will check for runback of water from the existing drain field. Run back can be caused by a damaged drain field.

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If you are thinking of purchasing a new home, please contact our Gwinnett County Septic Tank Inspectors at Bynum Septic Service to schedule a thorough inspection of the home’s septic system. A thorough inspection of a home’s septic system prior to purchase can save you lots of time, money and frustration in the future!

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